[Samba] old password in passwordchat empty

Hans-Peter Bernhard h.p.bernhard at ieee.org
Fri Jun 21 21:40:03 GMT 2002


I am having a problem synchronizing user passwords with an LDAP server.
The samba password works fine but synchronizing the LDAP unixpassword fails.
Samba server and LDAP server are not identically and therefore I need 
the old an the new password for whatever passwd chat.
But %o is an empty string.
I browse through the source code and found:

       * At this point we have the new case-sensitive plaintext
       * password in the fstring new_passwd. If we wanted to synchronise
       * with UNIX passwords we would call a UNIX password changing
       * function here. However it would have to be done as root
       * as the plaintext of the old users password is not
       * available. JRA.

can anybody help me out ???


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