[Samba] Config Help

Don.Messenger at twp.cc Don.Messenger at twp.cc
Fri Jun 21 15:37:04 GMT 2002

I installed samba-2.2.5 on Sun OS (Unix), setup a
basic config file which checks out ok with testparm.
But, I can't get the smbd process to start. When
executed from the command prompt it returns to
the prompt with no errors but the process is not running.
The nmbd process will start however.
Also,  the lib and bin (along with other directories) are
in /usr/local/samba/source
where much of the docs say they are and in Makefile.
Could this be a problem?
One more comment.
When I run smbclient it complains that it can't find files
like samba/lib/codepages/codepage.850 (and a few others)
The codepages directory is not in samba/lib but samba/source
and the codepage.850 file is not in that directory anyway.
Can you help?
Don M
Transwestern Publishing

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