[Samba] Re: inconsistent caching - bug?

Terry Davis tdavis at approbation.org
Fri Jun 21 10:51:12 GMT 2002

Thank you.  I verified that this is the issue. I renamed one of the 
files and the contents became different as they should have been. Any 
samba developers have an answer for this one?

Thank you!

Kenneth Loafman wrote:
> As far as Windows goes, File1.txt and FILE1.TXT are the same file. 
> Windows is somewhat case aware, but not case sensitive.  I don't know
> how Samba resolves these, but I've seen Windows get really confused with
> this situation, especially with two directories of the same name (doc
> and DOC).
> ...Ken
> Terry Davis wrote:
>>Does anyone have any ideas with this problem I am having.  I really
>>appreciate the help.
>>Terry Davis wrote:
>>>I am seeing some inconsistencies on files that have very similar names.
>>>Here is my share:
>>>        comment = FTP Directories
>>>        path = /home
>>>        browsable = yes
>>>        writeable = no
>>>        valid users = @csr, at system, at technical, at financial
>>>        write list = @system
>>>        force group = csr
>>>        create mode = 0664
>>>        directory mode = 0775
>>>I have a person in the csr group trying to open two files:
>>>-rw-rw-r--    1 13301    csr        108681 Jun 20 12:37 File1.txt
>>>-rw-rw-r--    1 13301    csr        170180 Jun 20 12:32 FILE1.TXT
>>>They are named exactly like that, I made no name changes.
>>>The sizes are different but the contents that are displayed to the user
>>>are exactly the same.  I am wondering if samba is improperly showing the
>>>user cached contents.  I am also seeing a lot of lockups with users on
>>>this share.  They are accessing the share read-only so oplock parameters
>>>wont help me there.  Any ideas on that issue as well?
>>>thank you!
>>Terry Davis
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Terry Davis

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