[Samba] Samba 2.2.5 and srv_spoolss_nt error

Van Sickler, Jim vansickj-eodc at Kaman.com
Fri Jun 21 08:38:03 GMT 2002

Thank Microsoft....I have the same problem with Win2k;
if you load it as a network printer, it polls
the printer once when you bring up its Properties.
It never refreshes automatically after that-you
have to manually refresh it to update the status.
If you install it as a Local Printer, and
create a Local Port of \\server\printer, it
will update the status of the printer.

If there's a way to enable/force polling
on a Network Printer, I'd like to know.

There has been some discussion about the
backchannel comms and printing-are they
related to printer status?  Maybe if Win2k
and XP see the channel as broken, they
don't poll?  Forcing a poll by refreshing
manually overrides the no-poll situation...?


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> Hi!
> I'm having problems with printing with Samba 2.2.5 and WinXP. 
> I have samba
> setup as a PDC and have 3 printers: HP LaserJet 5000N, HP 
> LaserJet 8550DN
> and HP DesignJet 1055CM. I used WinXP to upload the drivers for the
> printers to XP clients and to 98 clients, and all went fine. 
> I downloaded
> the lastest PCL6 drivers for the Laserjet printers and the HPGL2/RTL
> driver for the Designjet.
> I can connect to the printers, view properties, print, cancel 
> and resume
> jobs. The problem is that the print queues on XP never refresh, and I
> always have to hit F5 to refresh the queues manually after I 
> print, cancel
> or resume a job. In the logs I always get  an
> "srv_spoolss_receive_message: got incorrect message size (14)!" error
> after printing, canceling or resuming jobs.

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