[Samba] local groups

Adam Williams adam at morrison-ind.com
Fri Jun 21 06:46:53 GMT 2002

>Is there any way to use local groups from Samba PDC on Win2000 Clients?

You can create & associate UNIX (local) groups to Domain Groups,  but it
is a bit of a hack.

Grab the Samba 3.0 code and compile.  Copy the resulting smbgroupedit
command to someplace like /usr/local/bin/ on your Samba PDC.

We have been using it with the 2.2.x series since 2.2.1a and it seems to
work OK.  The groups show up on the WinY2k box when you go to edit ACLs

I doubt this is a "supported" option.

lnx01688:~ $/usr/local/bin/smbgroupedit
You need to be root to use this tool!
  -a group             create new group
    -n group           NT group name
    -p privilege       only local
  -v                   list groups
    -l                 long list (include details)
    -s                 short list (default)
  -c SID               change group
     -u unix group
  -x group             delete this group

    -t[b|d|l]          type: builtin, domain, local

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