[Samba] NullSessionShares under samba.

Michael Sieters michaels at paradigmgeo.com
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We have a Windows service that launches a database server when required,
this service runs as the SYSTEM user. The database server needs full access
to the database files and these files are generally stored on a local disk.
If the files are local then we have no problems access the database. If the
database file resides on another windows system setting the registry key
(below) to the name of that share on the sharing system provides the access
that we require. So far I have not been able to find an option in the
smb.conf file that provides the functionality that setting the Windows
registry key does.

Below is taken from and email that one of our programmers sent me.

	To allow Local System services on any machine in the domain to
	access a specific share on a server, use the Registry Editor
	regedt32 (not regedit) to add the name of that share to:


	Note that the name of the share is not the path it is the
	logical name associated with the shared directory.

The Guest Ok setting does not seem to work.


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Michael Sieters wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there an equivalent setting in samba as the Windows NT/2000/XP registry
> key -
> \NullSessionShares
> We have a Windows service that needs access to files on a samba share.
> Setting the above key to the name of the share works well on Windows
> but I can not find a way to do this under samba 2.2.1a.

What are you trying to do?

I honestly don't know what that that key does, but if you state your
acutal problem we might be able to help.

Have you actually read the smb.conf manpage?  Things like 'guest ok'
should do the trick.

Andrew Bartlett

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