[Samba] Praise and thanks

Alex Moen alexm at ndtel.com
Thu Jun 20 13:22:02 GMT 2002

Hey all,

I just wanted to express my thanks for the help and advice that I got off of
the list.  We have successfully replaced our aging NT4 server with a Sun
E250/Solaris 8/Samba 2.2.4/Sunray system, acting as a PDC for our
Win98/2k/XP clients (BTW: didn't need to use the XP registry hack at all)
and with a Win2k server hanging off of it for application and remote desktop
services for the Sunrays.  It is fast, it is MUCH more responsive than the
NT4 PDC, easier to control users, passwords, groups, file/directory
permissions, etc. and is going to make things REAL nice for us.  It's really
cool for my users to be able to use the Windows desktop and apps (they
refuse to switch to Star Office or Open Office), via stable Unix hardware
(even tho we had to purchase terminal services licenses for the desktop
use).  I am finding that Samba is more complete and well-rounded than I
would have imagined.

Again, thanks to the developers and supporters of Samba... Keep up the
awesome work: anyone who has set it up is extremely appreciative!!!  Looking
forward to v.3, because the only thing that I am missing is the two-way
trust relationships (I even got the one-way trusted domain trust working
with an NT4 Term Services server!).

Alex Moen

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