[Samba] mount problems with recent mount and samba

Urban Widmark urban at teststation.com
Thu Jun 20 11:27:05 GMT 2002

On Thu, 20 Jun 2002, Dmitri Pogosyan wrote:

> 3.  Attempt mounting with mount fails
> # mount -V
> mount: mount-2.11n
> # mount -t smbfs //ladybug/C  /misc
> Password: xxxxxxx
> execvp of smbmnt failed. Error was No such file or directory.smbmnt 
> failed: 1

It means that smbmnt is not in the current path and it is also not in the
installation directory where smbmount looks for it.

> 5.  Check smbmnt for any case
> # ls -l /usr/sbin/smbmnt

And that is supposed to be /usr/bin since smbmount looks in BINDIR (I have
a smbmount patch that I'm about to submit that makes it look in SBINDIR

Note that when you run mount it changes your path, possibly that makes 
some difference between mounts.

In any case, this is a matter of bad packages. Move/Copy/Symlink smbmnt to
/usr/bin and it will work.


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