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> Le Jeudi 20 Juin 2002 14:55, Craig a écrit :
>> Hi All,
>> 	Can anybody point me to a site where there is good up to date
>> documentation on how to use Win2000 authentication for a samba server?

You are not very clear, do you want windows 2000 clients in a 
samba-controlled domain, or samba in a windows 2000 domain?

>> Thanks,
>> Craig
> http://www.mandrakeuser.org/docs/connect/csamba6.html

I think http://www.mandrakeuser.org/docs/connect/csamba5.html#winbind 
might be better for this (if you are wanting to join a samba server to a 
windows domain).

There is an updated copy of it at 

Since it is a bit mandrake-specific, you may want a copy of the 
system-auth-winbind file mentioned, which you can find in the 
packaging/Mandrake directory in any source release of samba after 2.2.3a 
I think.

Note that if you want samba to create directories on the fly (using 
pam_mkhomedir), you need to enable pam session support:

obey pam restrictions = yes

(something I guess I should add to the doc).

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