[Samba] I think It is a bug!

Osman Tufanogullari (Garanti Teknoloji) OsmanTuf at garanti.com.tr
Thu Jun 20 06:52:03 GMT 2002

Hi All,

To clerify the problem, firstly I have to give you some details of our environment..

Linux Redhat 7.3, Samba 2.2.4, Win2000 workstations... We are trying to use Linux servers as file and print servers. Our client are Windows2000 workstations  which will use Linux boxes as file and print servers...

Problem with : winbindd Signal 11 error

Suspect : When winbind starts, it can get all users and groups of the trusted domains ( win2000 domains ) we have but It cannot get the users and groups of its own domain(win2000 domain).. getent passwd lists all the users but the users in the domain in which winbindd machine is in arent there...

Note : I run Winbindd with -d5 -i parameter, and i can see that it can connect to PDC' IPC$ ( win2000 so primary AD ) of its own domain successfully as it connects to its trusted domains' PDCs...

Note 2: We have thousands of users and thousands of groups...

When we try to get in a share on Linux using a user account of the domain in which the machine winbindd runs on, winbinds kills itself.

INTERNAL ERROR: Signal 11 in pid 4931 (2.2.4)
Please read the file BUGS.txt in the distribution
PANIC: internal error

Thanks in advance.

Garanti Technology

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