[Samba] Printer Errors with 3.0 Alpha 17

Bradley W. Langhorst brad at langhorst.com
Thu Jun 20 06:38:05 GMT 2002

On Thu, 2002-06-20 at 07:26, gancona at libero.it wrote:
> I'm testing Samba 3.0 Alpha 17 on Suse 8.0 (but on the 7.3 is the same).
> I'm shared all the printers of the server for all the users of the 
> domain, but the clients keep the two following messagges:
> 1. "Not eought memory to execute the command"
> 2. "Bad printer name"
> If I try to connect from DOS I got no problem, and I print good.
> Somebody got any idea? the patch for the 2.2.4 may help me (you think)? 
> Is it a know bug? Need logs?
> Thanx for help.

I asked a similar question a while ago and heard that
the 2.2 printing updates were not yet in 3.0
but were going in "real soon now"

watch the cvs list 


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