[Samba] Compile error with samba-2.2.5 on HP/UX 11.00

René Nieuwenhuizen R.Nieuwenhuizen at cpb.nl
Thu Jun 20 05:42:04 GMT 2002


I got an compiler error while compiling samba-2.2.5 on HP/UX 11.00

   compiling msdfs/msdfs.c
   cc: "msdfs/msdfs.c", line 105: error 1000: Unexpected symbol:
   cc: panic 2017: Cannot recover from earlier errors, terminating.
   make: *** [msdfs/msdfs.o] Error 1

Line 105 of msdfs/msdfs.c contains:

   static inline BOOL parse_symlink(char* buf,struct referral** preflist,

After removing the word "inline" everything seems to compile ok. Whats the
meaning of "inline" and does it have any consequences?


René Nieuwenhuizen

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