[Samba] DHCP and Samba

Roland Schmid linux at net-service-24.de
Wed Jun 19 22:44:02 GMT 2002

>> Now, because I wanted to share internet connection through DHCP in Linux 
>> it doesn't work anylonger and I do not understand all the innards of 
>> Samba as to pin-point the exact issue.  Any help will be greatly 
>> appreciated.
>> Best Regards,
>> Sarina

there is no need to use Samba to distribute your Internetshare.
Why don't you setup a NAT Protocol? Just hide your W2K Box behind the
Linux Box.
When you work with DHCP you have to define a correct IP address pool.
The DHCP Server needs a static IP adress.
Maybe there is an conflict with the IP-addresses.
Hope this helps.

Best regards,
linux at net-service-24.de

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