[Samba] WINS querying (Advanced)

WEBSTER, Greg GWEBSTER at ahbl.ca
Wed Jun 19 11:48:03 GMT 2002

Hi all...

I need to make a few queries to WINS, but am unsure how to do so.
'nmblookup' will allow me to enter an IP address and get information about
the machine name, domain, and username. I want to do the opposite...I would
like to have a tool that will take a username and return the IP address.

I know this information is stored in WINS somehow, and I am capable of
writing some Perl scripts to connect to port 139 on a WINS server, but I
don't know the 'handshake' or 'dialog' or 'conversation' that I will have to
have with that port to get the information I want.

If, for example, I am looking for the IP address for the user 'gwebster',
what steps do I need to take to retreive this from the WINS server?


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