[Samba] Samba 3.0 alpha 17 Active Directory question

Lowe, Scott SLOWE at NAAG.ORG
Wed Jun 19 10:42:02 GMT 2002

Hi, all!


I am working on testing Samba 3.0 Alpha 17 in order to integrate it with
Active Directory using Kerberos.  Everything works until I try to access a
Samba share from the Windows 2000 Server.  I have joined the Samba server to
the AD domain using the instructions in the ADS-howto, and it works.


Here is my smb.conf -----

realm = SLOWE.COM

ads server =

security = ADS

encrypt passwords = yes



comment =  "Test share"

path = /home

public = yes

create mode = 775

writeable = yes

volume = "test_share"

end of smb.conf --------


When I try 'net use * \\ldaps\test' on the Windows machine, I get the
following error:

System error 2221 has occurred.

The user name could not be found.


I do not have a smbpasswd file as it should not be required for Kerberos


Here is my /etc/krb5.conf


 default = FILE:/var/log/krb5libs.log

 kdc = FILE:/var/log/krb5kdc.log

 admin_server = FILE:/var/log/kadmind.log



 ticket_lifetime = 24000

 default_realm = SLOWE.COM

 dns_lookup_realm = false

 dns_lookup_kdc = false




  kdc =

  default_domain = slowe.com



 .slowe.com = SLOWE.COM

 slowe.com = SLOWE.COM



 profile = /var/kerberos/krb5kdc/kdc.conf



 pam = {

   debug = false

   ticket_lifetime = 36000

   renew_lifetime = 36000

   forwardable = true

   krb4_convert = false



It's probably something obvious which I why I am having trouble :-)


Thanks for any and all help!


Scott Lowe

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