[Samba] DHCP and Samba

Sarina Salazar chicalinux at netscape.net
Wed Jun 19 10:06:02 GMT 2002

Hi Everybody:

My question is, can Samba be used with DHCP?  I have a Linux box that 
shares its DSL connection with a Windows 2000 Pro box.  Samba came 
pre-installed in Linux and I set it up once and it worked.  I gave a 
static address to the W2K box, synchronized password, enabled encrypted 
passwords and made it (W2K) part of the COSMICGRP workgroup - which I 
defined in samba's configuration file. I log in as root on both boxes. 
It worked.

Now, because I wanted to share internet connection through DHCP in Linux 
it doesn't work anylonger and I do not understand all the innards of 
Samba as to pin-point the exact issue.  Any help will be greatly 

Best Regards,

I have the samba version that comes with Mandrake Linux 8.1

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