[Samba] Samba as File Server in 2000 Domain

Naag Mummaneni getnag at rediffmail.com
Wed Jun 19 08:12:02 GMT 2002

Hi Every1,

I am trying to configure Samba as file server in our Windows based 
network.We have a 2000 DC & all of our clients(80) use 
95/98/2000.I have Installed Solaris 8(IA) and configure Samba.

Now the problem is that I cant configure the smb.conf to contain 
all the shares for all the users.Rather I would like to use the 
[Homes] section in the smb.conf file to generate shares 
automatically for all users.For that I configure Winbind to talk 
to my DC.I get all the expected results with the winbind.When I do 
a "getent passwd" I get the usual unix (/etc/passwd)stlye username 
list.In smb.conf I configured Template homedir to 
/export/home/%D/%U.So now If I logon to a system & access the 
SOlaris system using Network Neighborhood I should see my home 
directory share automatically which I dont see.If I have same user 
accounts on Solaris box & DC ,I am able to see the users 
homedirectory share.Some1 please help me how can I configure samba 
in my kind of environment easily without having same user accounts 
on SOlaris as well as dc.

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