[Samba] Log file usage ...

Martyn Ranyard ranyardm at lineone.net
Wed Jun 19 04:57:02 GMT 2002

A solution would be to implement a VFS module that adds the file to the
veto files list.

Laterally, that would enable the file to appear deleted, but you have a
record (in smb.conf) of what file is meant to be deleted.

A suggestion, of course, but without the Recycle Bin, I think this might be
a good lateral solution.

At 01:23 PM 6/19/02 +0200, C.Lee Taylor wrote:
>Greetings ...
>         I have been give the task of either finding a way to stop people
> from deleting files from our Samba network, or as I suggest that would be
> less problematic, would be to log deletion requests.
>         I know of the "Samba Recycle Bin" which I will be implimenting
> with the Samba 2.2.5 release which is just round the corner, but I was
> hoping that I might be able to impliment a logging system of what files
> were modified and delete and maybe more.  I was think that should not be
> a big thing to impliment in a VFS module and will be looking into this,
> but Samba 2.2 does not casade VFS modules, so I would have to do this
> Samba Head, which I am not happy about doing, because I am alread getting
> trouble because Linux is the unknow in all of this.
>         I don't wish to change to M$ product for my server and believe
> that we can do better with an Open Source Product, but without proof that
> the Linux box is not the problem, but the users are.  I am looking a
> solution that would give me something close to Netwares salvage or more
> the logging so that I can proof that a user deleted the files and not
> some ghost.
>         If anybody has a suggestion, please let me know.  Thanks.
>P.S. You can't do an undelete on ext3, so that is out of the question.
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