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NSC - NetworkServiceCenter nsc at
Wed Jun 19 03:35:02 GMT 2002

> NSC - NetworkServiceCenter wrote:
>>>so may passwd-chat line is as follows:
>>>  passwd chat = *New\spassword:* %n\n *Re-enter\snew\spassword:* %n\n
>>>  .
>>>note the asterisk and dot (i haven't really understood now what the
>>> means, but the asterisks match anything, and maybe the blank ("\s")
>>>between "passwd:" and " %n" is just no plain blank but something
>>ok, i moved the passwdchat to following line:
>>  passwd chat = *New*\spassword:*\s* %n\n
>>  *Re-enter*\snew*\spassword:*\s %
>>n\n *Result:*\sSuccess*\s(0)\n .
> I had almost the same problem. Don't know why, but I had to use ""
> passwd chat = *New*"password:"*\s* %n\n *enter*new*"password:"* %
> n\n *"Result:"*Success*
> and t

it works! thanks to the whole list and specially to the persons who gave me
in my case both, the asterisk and the quotation mark, were needed to get it
work! the dot at the end of the line isn't needed, but the blank and
carriage return must be set carefully! so, the following line works (for
suse8.0, samba2.2.4 and a shellscript that calls ldappasswd as root):

   passwd chat = "New*password:* %n\n \nRe*enter*new*password:* %n\n
\nResult:*Success*(0)\n* "

once again thank you
thomas reisenbichler

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