[Samba] smbd/password.c:domain_client_validate(1604)

Keith Hasely Keith.Hasely at dfafunds.com
Tue Jun 18 13:37:02 GMT 2002


we have a SAMBA server set up that has been working great for everyone in
the corporate office, not to long ago I connected one of our foreigh offices
to us through a VPN.  All of our users authenticate to our PDC, our users in
our foreign office, who is on the same domain but we have them on a
different subnet, are not able to gain access to the SAMBA shares, here in
the corporate office.  The error messages below states that "asmith" on
domain "AMY" is not a valid user.  This is very confusing to me since here
computer is on our domain "primary" not "AMY" and she authenticates to our
PDC, here computers IP does have a different subnet.  Can anyone point me in
the right direction or know a work around?

Jun 18 12:53:46 smb_mktg smbd[27390]: [2002/06/18 12:53:46, 0]
Jun 18 12:53:46 smb_mktg smbd[27390]:   cli_net_sam_logon_internal:
Jun 18 12:53:46 smb_mktg smbd[27390]: [2002/06/18 12:53:46, 0]
Jun 18 12:53:46 smb_mktg smbd[27390]:   domain_client_validate: unable to
validate password for user asmith in domain AMY to Domain controller pdc.

Kind Regards,

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