[Samba] Beginner problems

Nathaniel N.Petersen (CNS Student Support) cthulu at student.cns.uni.edu
Tue Jun 18 11:43:03 GMT 2002

"secrets.tdb" does not exist yet because you have not created the
smbpasswd file yet.  In other words, you have not added user names and
passwords for those that are allowed to access the samba system.  There
are a few ways to fix this.  The first is to create the smbpasswd file
from the existing users on your system.  To do this, you must have the
file "mksmbpasswd.sh" script (usually found in the source/script
directory).  To use this file (and this may be different with Caldera
Open Unix - I'm not sure) type (as root)

$ cat /etc/passwd | bin/sh ./source/script/mksmbpasswd.sh > /usr/local/samba/private/smbpasswd

Note that these paths may be different on your system.  What is
important is the location of the unix passwd, the location of the
mksmbpasswd.sh script, and the destination of the finished smbpasswd.

After you have created the new smbpasswd, you may need to set the passwords
for the users (I can't remember if the script passes the passwords in
addition to the users or not - sorry).  Once this is done, it should
create a secrets.tdb, getting rid of the error 43.

Error 163 may be related to this as well.  IF you are creating a PDC,
there need to be machine accounts added to the smpasswd (they also have
to exist in the systems password database).  You can differentiate a
machine account from a user account by the $ symbol.  The $ symbol will
appear after system accounts.  To add a machine account to the smbpasswd
database, type:
	$ smbpasswd -a -m machine_name

I am uncertain what is causing the error 793.  This may simply be
related to the two above errors, or it may be the configuration of the
samba system.  To answer this, I would need more informaion on what you
are trying to accomplish with the samba system (is it a server, a PDC, a
BDC, etc.)

On Tue, Jun 18, 2002 at 10:41:02AM +0100, Nash Computer Technology wrote:
> Hi
> I hope I've posted this to the correct place.  I've installed Samba 2.2.4 on a Caldera 
> Open Unix 8 server, and created a basic smbd.conf file.  When I launch smbd as a 
> daemon, I'm getting the following in the log file:
> passdb/secrets.c: (43)
> failed to open /usr/lib/samba/private/secrets.tdb
> passdb/machine_sid.c: (163)
> pdb_generate_sam_sid: Failed to store generated machine SID
> smbd/server.c: (793)
> ERROR: Samba cannot create a SAM SID
> Is it something to do with a password file???  I'd appreciate some help with this.  I'm 
> new to Unix and Samba.
> David Nash
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