[Samba] Win2k-Pro and MacOS X

Nathaniel N.Petersen (CNS Student Support) cthulu at student.cns.uni.edu
Tue Jun 18 11:09:16 GMT 2002

Do not use plain text passwords.  This is a security issue.  If it is
set to plain text, any individual with a packet sniffer can get this
password (pretty easy stuff).

No, this sounds like an smbpasswd issue.  Make sure that the user you
use to log on is in the smbpasswd database.  You can check this
(assuming default directories) by typing:

	$vim /usr/local/samba/private/smbpasswd

You are looking for a line that begins with the user name you plan to
use and a collection of undistinguished jibberish.  For example, for the
user "bobo":

bobo:0:2D5545077D7B7D2AAAD3B435B51404EE:7C53CFA5EA7D0F9B3B968AA0FB51A3F5:[UX    ]:LCT-3D07A39F:

This indicates that the user is within the password database and that a
password has been set.  If you do not find the user you plan on using,
or if the area where there should be jibberish say [NO PASSWORDXXXXX...] (or 
so such), then use the smbpasswd command to remedy the situation:

If no user in database, type: 	$smbpasswd -a username password
If no password for user, type:	$smbpasswd username (then follow the

Remeber, the user also has to exist on the linux box.  In other words,
the user has to be in passwd, as well as smbpasswd (although the
passwords do not have to be the same).  If the user is not in the linux
box, he will have to be added here first.  Use "adduser" for this.

On Mon, Jun 17, 2002 at 05:05:42PM -0500, Jim W. wrote:
> I have a MacOS X server and I am trying to get it to connect to the Samba
> Services that is now bundled in X server. I can see the machine in My
> Network Places but I can not get a user to log in. Guest works but nothing
> else. Keeps stating user/pass incorrect. I don't know if there are any Users
> out there can point me in the correct place or not. One suggestion I was
> given was to change the win boxes to plain text password. This had no
> effect. 
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks again
> -J
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