[Samba] FreeBSD as NT

james pool pooljamn at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 18 07:30:11 GMT 2002

i've configured my FreeBSD 4.3 server to act as NT 4
on my local home network, however i've run into
problems.  I cannot pull a list of users from samba
using the windows machines on the network (ie: user
level access for shares), however i can log into the
i've read through my entire samba book (SAMS
publishing) and searched through the samba site, but
haven't found anything of the sort.  I would
appreciate any help you could give.
thank you.

the smb.conf global section follows:

socket options=TCP_NODELAY
log file=/var/log/log.%m
hosts allow=192.168.1. 127.
admin users=bishop
server string=FreeBSD Samba Server
dns proxy=no
os level=64
domain controller=yes
encrypt passwords=yes
bind interfaces only=yes
max log size=50
domain logons=yes
lm announce=no
domain master=yes
local master=yes
preferred master=yes
netbios name=DRACO

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