[Samba] Interesting problem . . may not be Samba.

Fil Scarratt fil at draxsen.com
Tue Jun 18 01:54:24 GMT 2002


Just subscribed to the list, and hoping someone out there can help. I will 
do my darndest to help where I can in return. I have browsed and searched 
the existing list archive for the same problem to no avail. My problem is 
as follows:

1. A windows network (workgroup) with a Linux (RedHat 7.2) server running 
Samba 2.21.
2. The windows network consists of mostly Windows ME boxes, a few Win98 
boxes, a Win2k and an XP box.
3. A windows application attempts to determine the version of a file (a 
windows binary) residing on a global (read/write) share on the Linux server.
4. On the WinME and Win98 boxes, the application is refused permission to 
do so, however, the XP box (and probably the Win2k box although this is as 
yet unverified) can determine the version correctly without.
5. Browsing the network from WinME/98 machines reveals only a "General" tab 
when viewing the properties of the file (or any file on the share), as 
opposed to at least "General" and "Version" from the XP machine.
6. ALL files on the share are read/write for all users on the network

This problem only appeared after upgrading from RedHat 7.0 to RedHat 7.2, 
which is what makes me think it might be a Samba problem. I am not however, 
100% convinced.

Is this a Samba problem? If so, what might be the cause? Is there a new 
parameter added in Samba 2.21 that might affect this?


Phil Scarratt
Draxsen Technologies
0403 531 271

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