[Samba] Quick Question

Don Williams dwilli10 at san.rr.com
Mon Jun 17 20:55:03 GMT 2002


I'm wondering whether there is an existing compiled and installable version 
of Samba or some components of Samba which will allow me to move files 
between a Win XP (NTFS) partition and a UNIX partition on the same drive on 
the same computer.

I do independent support for a major medical practice management software 
system and most of the installations (some 30,000 in the U.S.) run on UNIX 
servers.  For that reason I boot into UNIX (SCO Open Server 5.0.6) for 
program development and generally email the result, in zipped form, using a 
Windows email system running on a cable modem.

For many years my Windows drives were set as FAT partitions and the 
standard UNIX Commands of dosdir and docsp worked just fine.  Then I 
changed to FAT32 and these commands became non-functional.  I was able to 
generate and install some Mtools components, mdir and mcopy and read and 
write to the C: drive from UNIX.

Now I have a NTFS system on the first partition of my first drive and UNIX 
on the second partition.  When I am in UNIX there seems to be no capability 
to see these NTFS drives.  I notice that when I run fdisk from UNIX the 
UNIX operating system recognizes the first partition as OS2, which is 
clearly an anomaly.

For small files I can use the floppy drive to move files back and forth, 
but am of course limited to 1.44 MB by this method.

I now have the task of downloading over a modem some rather large files 
from a remote UNIX system, moving them to Windows, and then transferring 
them by Internet to a client who will do further work with them.

I'm look for some replacement for the mdir and mcopy commands, and when I 
presented my question to the mtools group the answer was "Samba".

That's fine and I have looked at the Samba websites, but it's been so long 
since I compiled code and made executable programs under UNIX that my 
deadline will be long gone before I get that done.

Hence the question.  Is there something out there which will allow me to 
communicate between the first two partitions on my first drive, C: for 
Windows XP and /u which is the UNIX boot partition on that same drive?

Right now I have a bootable floppy to change the active partition from 
Windows to UNIX, and use the UNIX fdisk program to change back to a Windows 
active partition.   Alternatively if I want to work mostly in UNIX I simply 
execute at the boot: prompt

bootos 4

and it boots into windows, however the active boot partition remains UNIX.

If this is too much to deal with please don't bother.  If it's something 
straightforward I would surely appreciate some help.


     Don Williams
     La Jolla, CA
     If not the best city in the world, which one is?

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