[Samba] Samba and netbios --- HEEEEELLLP!!!

Dmitry Voronov dvoronov at uwaterloo.ca
Mon Jun 17 16:47:02 GMT 2002

Well, it does matter because that's the only way the other machines know 
you're there. They send out a name query for the domain name and if no 
one responds, it's not there. Same with the name of the machine. My 
problem is actually a little different. After setting up the laptop at 
home and bringing it to work, it worked perfectly fine. I just can't get 
any other machine on the network to follow suit.


Enrique Sanchez Vela wrote:

>Hi all,
> I have the same problem at the cust lan, I took the
>samba server with me, set it up at home and it worked
>perfectly at the first time, then took it to the
>office it also worked, but when its time to take it to
>customer's office, it refuses to work.
> the only difference is related to tcp/ip name
>resoultion but it should not matter.
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>Wow, ok, whatever the problem is, I'm now pretty
>convinced that it's 
>over my
>head. I am trying to setup samba as the PDC for our
>network. I cannot 
>the life of me get it to work. I went home, tried it
>on my laptop and 
>worked in 15 seconds. I came to work, setup the server
>exactly the same
>and...nothing. "The domain either does not exist or
>could not be 
>blah blah. I've resorted to looking at the details of
>what's going on 
>ethereal. I can see no difference in the way the two
>machines register
>themselves but the server does not respond to name
>queries, neither to 
>netbios name nor the domain name. The laptop does. I
>am running way 
>short on
>ideas. I have tried Potato, Woody, Redhat 7.1, 7.3.
>7.1 is what's on my
>laptop. I've tried 2.2.3a-something (6 I think),
>2.2.4-2. No 
>difference. I
>tried duplicating the net setup of the laptop on the
>server with no 
>(hostnames, static ip etc). I just don't get it. IT
>Please help!!!
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