[Samba] O_EXCL unreliable?

Egon Eckert egon at heaven.industries.cz
Mon Jun 17 13:39:02 GMT 2002

> Looks like an smbfs problem to me (is that what
> you're mounting the Samba filesystem with).

May be.  It's Linux/i386 2.4.18, smbmount version "2.2.3a-6 for

Running strace on the server (smbd 2.2.3a on Debian woody)
shows, that some flags are missing in the actual open() call:
O_TRUNC and O_EXCL (both are set and visible in strace on the
client).  I understand, this may be caused by the smbfs as
well, not just by the smbd.

We switched to use "rename()" for our synchronisation purposes
instead.  I hope *this* will work as expected at last...

Anyway, Samba is simply great.  You just had to know it. :-)


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