[Samba] Multiple Adapter Issues -Bug?

David Busby Busby at pnts.com
Mon Jun 17 09:45:07 GMT 2002

	Yes...I was missing an equal symbol...I did run testparm on my
smb.conf file as well and it did not detect that however?  Bug? 

Also what is the parameter  'socket address ='?, is that like


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Both these statements may be wrong, but:
1. I think you need an equal sign after interfaces. Have you run testparm?

2. I think your computer will still listen to all interfaces, but won't
honor requests on all of them.


On Sun, Jun 16, 2002 at 02:23:02PM -0700, David Busby wrote:
> List,
> 	I've got samba on a multihomed machine and only want it to listen on

> one adapter (as well as loopback) so here's what my smb.conf file has:
> # Security Settings ============================================
> # Only listen on specified interfaces
>   bind interfaces only = yes
> # Only listend on these interfaces (eth0, lo)
>   interfaces
> But when I do a netstat I see my computer listening on the other 
> adapter
> (eth1)
> So did I miss something?  I've got smbd version 2.2.1a
> /B
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