[Samba] Time Server?

Jay Ts jay at metran.cx
Sat Jun 15 15:12:03 GMT 2002

> an yes you do not to have the  'time server = yes'
> setup in smb.conf on samba server.

Oh ... are you saying that without 'time server = yes'
in smb.conf, the Windows clients can still do the
'net time' command using the Samba server, and it will

I just looked in the smb.conf manual page, and it says:

time server (G)
       This parameter determines if  nmbd(8)advertises
       itself as  a  time  server  to  Windows clients.

       Default: time server = no

So maybe that means that the 'time server' parameter
is just there to make sure that the server is advertised
by the name service.  And since the 'net time' command
specifies the server explicitly, it does not need that.

Can I get an affirmation of this from someone who is
sure about it?  (Samba Team?)

Jay Ts

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