[Samba] Selecting Samba Printer Port

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> I have a strange problem here.  I have a network of Windows NT and XP
clients that print to printers shared by Samba.
> When I double click on the printer icon, the queue opens and it says in
the title bar, "Initializing", then "Failed to connect, Retrying".
> I was able to resolve this on Windows NT by created "Samba Printer Port"
as a local port.  Unfortunatly in Windows XP, everything is greyed on on the
'Ports' tab.  The most I can do right now is create a "Samba Printer Port"
by going into "Server Properties" and defining a global port for all the
printers.  But the problem that still remains is How can I tell my networks
printers to use the "Samba Printer Port"?????

Try mapping the Samba share to a local port e.g.

net use lpt2: \\server\printer

This fixed similar problems for me.



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