[Samba] Time Server?

Robert Steinmetz rob at steinmetznet.com
Sat Jun 15 03:13:02 GMT 2002

Jay Ts wrote:

>Previously I wrote that you need the Samba system to be the PDC, but
>I think this might not be a requirement.  I haven't tried it, but
>in a workgroup environment, or when Samba is set up with security =
>user (but not in a domain) you might be able to configure the Samba
>server with 'time server = yes', and find some way to configure each
>Windows client to run the 'net time' command - such as with a
>startup script, or using a method that runs the command every few
>Jay Ts
You do not need the samba server to be a PDC. On Windows 98 there is an 
event scheduler which can be set to run the "net time" periodically. On 
NT there is the AT command as well which can be started from a logon 
script. There are also any number of free NTP  clients which can be set 
to run periodically. I currently use the analogX one but have used others

Robert Steinmetz AIA
Steinmetz & Associates

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