[Samba] Time Server?

Jim Watt wattjg at appliedbiosystems.com
Fri Jun 14 18:44:02 GMT 2002

--On 06/14/2002 6:05 PM -0700 David Busby wrote:

} 	I've got my Samba box (RedHat 7.2) running NTP client to sync with
} PARC.  I want my windaz clients to be able to read time from it
} automagically.  Is there a way to do that?  Seems like WinXX clients cannot
} use NTP so can how can I sync them with my Samba box (which is accurate to
} within 200 ms!)

See http://www.kaska.demon.co.uk/  We use "k9", which listens (as an
NT service) for NTP broadcasts on our LAN.  "tardis", from the same
source, is configurable to do almost anything you want, including
broadcasting on the subnet it's on and querying an NTP server somewhere

Both very stable and very reasonable.  I've been using them for years.

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