[Samba] ipchains question

Kaleb Pederson kibab at asc.ewu.edu
Fri Jun 14 10:18:02 GMT 2002

Thanks.  That's a good article that pretty much confirms what I
methodically did, although it tells me the whys and wherefores as well.

According to the article, it uses 137 udp, 138 udp, and 139 tcp, which
matches my iptables firewall policy.


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Check www.samba.org under documentation for more
information on network neighbourhood. It explain port
137, port 138 and port 139.

--- Kaleb Pederson <kibab at asc.ewu.edu> wrote:
> Hmm... That's interesting.  I started out with the
> firewall blocking
> everything and then slowly allowed in ports based on
> what was being
> logged.  I did check the rest of my policy to make
> sure that it wasn't
> listed in a different place and it's not.
... <snipped>

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