[Samba] error: "printing subsystem unavailable" when trying t o print test page to samba server

SANTOS Alexandre Moutinho alexandre.santos at contacto.sonae.pt
Fri Jun 14 07:10:04 GMT 2002

I had that problem too. What happened was that I have several HP Laserjet
Printers that use PCL 6 and uploaded the drivers for all of them.
What I discovered is that the files are all saved in ...\W32X86\3 - if I
first upload the W2K default driver for HP Laserjet 6P and then the HP
driver for HP8000 and try to see the properties of the first.... error and
then "printing subsystem unavailable" and a reboot.
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I had that happen to me on w2k.  Your spooler service is stopped.  I had an
invalid print driver entry in Samba and when I printed to any of the
printers on my Samba server it would cause the service to stop.  
To fix it I replaced the printer tdb's and re-installed the drivers. 
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Subject: [Samba] error: "printing subsystem unavailable" when trying to
print test page to samba server

Hey all - I'm experiencing some problems with samba:
I have a samba print server with a number of printers (200+)
When I "browse" to the server, and into the "printers" folder,  I am able to
print a test page from the "properties" window of a printer.
HOWEVER, when I try to print a test-page from another printer, I suddenly
start to get error messages.  The first time I print, I get some strange
"protection fault" message or something. After that, I get a message that
the "printer subsystem" is not available when I try to bring up the
properties on a printer.
After that, I try to browse back to my samba server, and the "printers"
folder is gone, though the network printers are still visible.
Anyone have any ideas?
Thanks in advance.
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