[Samba] groupname gid with blank char in file /etc/fstab

LAUTIER Sabrina slautier at lavache.com
Fri Jun 14 06:47:07 GMT 2002

Hi !

toto is a win2k domain user member of group 'Domain Users'.

I've added the following line to my /etc/fstab file for the win2k
share to be mounted at system boot:

//DERVER/SHARE       /mnt/smb        smbfs  
gid='Domain users',fmask=664,dmask=775 0 0

But the mount command failed with error:
| [mntent]: line 9 in /etc/fstab is bad
| mount: can't find /mnt/smb in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab

This because the groupname gid contains blank char, ' or ".
It wokfs fine if I replace 'Domain Users' wih 10000 (toto numeric

Any idea of how to use username/groupname uid/gid with blank char file
/etc/fstab ?



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