[Samba] imac problem

wayne deprince jr wayne at waynedeprince.com
Fri Jun 14 04:36:03 GMT 2002

hello.  ive had the same problem.. if u have macos X installed, then you 
can use samba no problem.. however, the only solution i could find for 
pre macos X was a commercial product called dave from www.thursby.com.. 
or you could use the netatalk package for linux to share the linux 
directories via apple talk.. if you get info or a better (and free :) 
solution, please let me know.. thanks, wayne

Papp Róbert wrote:

>Does anybody know how I can set up my Samba server so that an iMac computer 
>connected to the network could see the shared Linux directories?
>Thanks for your help

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