[Samba] different loginscripts

Goetz Reinicke goetz.reinicke at filmakademie.de
Fri Jun 14 00:13:03 GMT 2002


at the moment I use "logon script = scripts\%G.bat", and have two 
scripts for my two main user groups.

Now there are some special users which should have different scripts, so 
I thought, if there is a way of adding an option to use two login 
scripts; e.g. if there is an user script, use it, if not than use the 
group script.

Or do I have to maintain that "problem" by using more different primary 
groups like office, trainies, students, aliens, and add group scripts 
for them?

But that would conflict with an per user group policy....

Any ideas?


...Götz Reinicke

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