[Samba] Anyone using antivirus software?

Greg J. Zartman greg at leiinc.com
Thu Jun 13 13:53:03 GMT 2002

Brian Payst wrote:

> We've been looking at RAV anti-virus as well (www.ravantivirus.com). It
> does real-time scanning. It does have some system limitations (won't run
> on RH 6.2 without an additional kernel module, does work on RH 7.2 and
> I'm assuming other 2.4 kernel based distros):

I'm running RAV on my Mitel SME 5.x server (2.2.19 kernel).  SME is a 
customized version of RedHat.  I beleve that although I'm running on an 
older kernel, many of the packages have been updated to current redhat.

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