[Samba] Anyone using antivirus software?

Brian Payst bpayst at tnc.org
Thu Jun 13 13:20:15 GMT 2002

We've been looking at RAV anti-virus as well (www.ravantivirus.com). It
does real-time scanning. It does have some system limitations (won't run
on RH 6.2 without an additional kernel module, does work on RH 7.2 and
I'm assuming other 2.4 kernel based distros):

#  Linux OS (Red Hat Linux, S.u.S.E. Linux, Mandrake Linux, Debian
Linux, Slackware Linux, Black Cat Linux etc.)
# glibc-2.1.3 libraries.
# gtk+-1.2.8
# glib-1.2.8
# XFree86-libs-3.3.5

Worth a look anyway.

On Thu, 2002-06-13 at 15:29, Buchan Milne wrote:
> Take a look at the samba-vscan project, which you can have do on-access 
> scanning for you via samba (VFS modules).
> (you should eb able to find it quite easily searching on freshmeat.net)
> I have tested it with sophos (see 
> http://ranger.dnsalias.com/mandrake/mandrake8.2/samba-2.2.4-vscan/  for 
> RPMs for Mandrake 8.2).
> There are a number of supported scanners, including kaspersky, trend, 
> etc, but IIRC, McAfee it not supported.
> Buchan
> >   I would recommend using SOPHOS (www.sophos.com).  This is a very stable
> > and robust antivirus package that runs on MANY platforms, including linux, 
> > (and even VMS).  
> > 
> >   You can schedule it with a cron job, etc.  
> > 
> >   They have a 3 month eval at www.sophos.com
> >> Hello list,
> >>            I was just wondering if anyone is using anti-virus software on =
> >> their Samba server. I have protection on my clients, but I want to run =
> >> software on the server too. I've looked at McAfee's Virus Scan, but as far =
> >> as I can tell, it only uses "on-demand" scanning, meaning I have to =
> >> trigger it from the command line, or run a cron job. I would like to have =
> >> something that is real-time, and detects an infected immediately, without =
> >> my interaction. This is how the McAfee AV software works on the client =
> >> PC's running Windows. Anyone know of a similar product?
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