[Samba] strange samba problem with connection timeout...

wayne deprince jr wayne at waynedeprince.com
Thu Jun 13 09:48:11 GMT 2002

ahoy all.  im new to samba, so please be patient to my lack of 
knowledge.  the problem is as follows:

on a home lan (cable modem with 7port gateway/router/switch), running 
rh7.2 samba (2.2.1a-4) server and everything was working fine.. had 2 
windows 2k and 1 rh7.2 laptop accessing samba server.. then, i got a new 
4port router/gateway and used the old gateway as a 7port switch (all 
NAT,dhcp, etc has been turned off on the old router, it just being used 
as a switch).. anyway, something happened with the linux laptop access 
to the samba server.. first i get the following error when i try to 
mount a share on the samba server:

from fstab:
//moe/stuff    /mnt/samba/casa/moe/stuff    smbfs   
exec,dev,suid,rw,gid=casa,fmask=770,dmask=770,username=ee,password=ee 1 1

$ mount //moe/stuff
timeout connecting to
1757: Connection to moe failed
SMB connection failed

no first i have no idea where this ip address comes from.. my single ip 
from the cable modem isnt anywhere near this address.. second, all the 
computers behind the gateway use the std 192.168.0.* address scheme.. 
the funny thing is all the windows 2k machines still work, and when i 
reboot my laptop into winxp pro, it can access the samba server fine.. 
it doesnt matter if im connected directly to the 4port gateway/router or 
connected through the 7port switch (old gateway).. any ideas to whats 
going on?  could this be some messed up cache or something??

thanks a million in advance, wayne

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