[Samba] [mntent]: line x in /etc/fstab is bad

LAUTIER Sabrina slautier at lavache.com
Thu Jun 13 08:53:07 GMT 2002

Hi !

I'm having trouble trying to mount a win2k share from my linux box
with the mount command.

My linux box is a RH 7.2 and samba version is 2.2.4.
It is part of the windows domain 'VALBONE' and the smb.conf option
"winbind use default domain" is set to yes.
So when the user slautier log into the machine, it does it without
specifying the domain name.
slautier is a member of the windows group 'Domain Users'.

The 3 following commands work fine
$ mount -t smbfs //dedale/sharedir /mnt/smb/dedale/sharedir -o \

$ mount -t smbfs //dedale/sharedir /mnt/smb/dedale/sharedir -o \

$ mount -t smbfs //dedale/sharedir /mnt/smb/dedale/sharedir -o \
gid='VALBONE+Domain users',fmask=664,dmask=775

But If I add any of the above corresponding lines (with or without ''
or domain name) into the /etc/fstab file:

//DEDALE/SHAREDIR       /mnt/smb/dedale/sharedir        smbfs  
gid='Domain users',fmask=664,dmask=775 0 0

and then try to mount it using the mount command I get the following
$ mount /mnt/smb/dedale/sharedir
| [mntent]: line 9 in /etc/fstab is bad
| mount: can't find /mnt/smb/dedale/sharedir in /etc/fstab or

I don't get this error if I replace username uid with numeric uid:

//DEDALE/SHAREDIR       /mnt/smb/dedale/sharedir        smbfs  
gid=10001,fmask=664,dmask=775 0 0

Why can't I use usename/groupname uid/gid in the /etc/fstab file ?

You could tell me just to keep numeric uid/gid but I don't want to as
these value may change.

Any idea of how to solve this ?



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