[Samba] passwd chat timeout?

Laurent BLIN laurent.blin at iemm.univ-montp2.fr
Thu Jun 13 02:30:08 GMT 2002


I'm using a script in order to change passwords in a LDAP server for 
both Samba and Unix passwd, using passwd program and passwd chat.
It woks, but Windows says me that there was an error. Looking into logs 
file, it appears that Samba is looking for the "successfully" chain just 
after having entered confirmation of the passwd, but it takes about 2 
seconds in order to have it.
Has Samba doesn't detect immediatly the chain "successfully", it tries 
agin to send the passwd, and then failes..

Is there a way to force samba to WAIT for the chain "successfully"?

  Laurent BLIN

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