[Samba] Cannot use \\hostname\dir in Windows2000 client's windows explore r

James Nord teilo at cdt.luth.se
Thu Jun 13 02:29:04 GMT 2002

Seah, Michelle C wrote:

>I am using samba ver 2.0.7 and the samba is running on a HPUX OS10.20
>machine.  On win95,98 NT and even WinXP, i can simply type \\host1\dirA to
>view the list of files in shared directories but for Win2000, will get a
>prompt that Windows cannot find the path....
>But the user already have and can access a drive mapped to the same dirA on
>the host1 via the netlogon script. 
>Really appreciate any advise on how we could resolve this.
> I hope upgrading the Samba ver is not the only option because we are
>currently not ready to do that. 
>Michelle Seah
Make sure in explorer you have "Display the full path in the address bar"

explorer [menu bar] -> Tools -> Options "Display the full path in the 
address bar"


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