[Samba] slow & readonly profiles

Maxim Yemelyanov maxim at kcci.kharkov.ua
Thu Jun 13 01:02:07 GMT 2002

Hello, samba!

 I didn't receive answer to my prev letter,
 so i'll try to describe problem in more details.

 Server: RH 7.2, samba 2.2.2. Workstations: NT4.
 Problems bagan when i set up RH server instead of Win2k.

 Actually i have 2 problems:
 1. When loging on to server client machines say:
 "connection is too slow. should i try to load remote or
 local profile?"

 is there any way to get rid of this message (and/or load

 2. Clients cannot alter registry (everything under HKLM
 branch). Moreover, on Network->Properties tab the button
 "Change" has disappeared! I think that's because client has
 not enough rights to write to registry.
 But number of programs don't start, bacause they need
 permissions to write to HKLM\Software\<prog>.

 What should i do to give clients rights to alter registry?
 is this a problem from server or client side?

Best regards,         mailto:maxim at kcci.kharkov.ua
Maxim                 =<ICQ:12253836>=

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