[Samba] question

David.Lee at bisus.com David.Lee at bisus.com
Wed Jun 12 14:50:06 GMT 2002

I have a server with RedHat Linux 6.2.
It runs samba-2.0.6.
I use 'smbfs' mount to mount to a Window2000 Server.
The mount is successful. However, the 'ls | wc -l' command  often  missing
some files.
The rebooting cannot solve the problem.
The following is the mount command in /etc/fstab:
//xxxyyy/Incoming /usr/local/abc/orders smbfs username=mws,password=xxx,
workgroup=usbbb01,uid=cigna,gid=users,rw 1 1

Does samba-2.0.6 support Window2000 doman logon?
Should I upgrade samba?

Thanks advancing for any suggestion!


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