[Samba] altering the "create mode" for samba shares

Rob Buhler rob at ee.byu.edu
Wed Jun 12 13:45:02 GMT 2002

Hi, I'm Samba is a new thing for me and I hope my question will make 
some sense!

I have created several samba shares listed in my smb.conf file and have 
the option "create mode =  0660" set.
This is fine most of the time, however sometimes  certain users create 
files (for web pages) that they want to be
world-readable.  How can I keep my default setting at 660, but have some 
files set to
world-readable when they are created?  Is there an option that could 
override the default for certain users is
they entered it in when they saved the file?  Should I be trying 
something else?
I would appreciate any suggestions that anyone had.

thank you,

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