[Samba] Mapping Drives from Windows 2000

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Wed Jun 12 12:21:02 GMT 2002

your new pc might have configured for encryption where as samba might be
post your conf file

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I have SAMBA on a Unix server.  I have 8 pc's running Win 2000.  All of
these work properly.  Mapping a drive to the unix server is no problem.  I
got a new pc in, and I can not get it to map to the unix. 
 I get the error message :   The mapped network drive could not be created
because the following error has occurred.....The account is not authorized t
log in from this station.
Now, I can telnet into the unix server.  I can ping the unix server.  The
unix can ping the pc.  I do not understand what the deal is or how to fix
it.  Is this a problem on the pc side or the unix side?
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance
Tracy Jackson
Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency
tracy.jackson at state.tn.us <mailto:tracy.jackson at state.tn.us> 

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