[Samba] NT user name doesn't match unix username when winbindd is running

Buchan Milne bgmilne at cae.co.za
Wed Jun 12 11:01:02 GMT 2002

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> Subject: [Samba] NT user name doesn't match unix username when winbindd is runnin
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> Samba team,
> I posted the following message on May 30 to comp.protocols.smb,  but no one
> has responded to the posting as of yet,  so I thought I'd try this email
> list.  
> We are testing winbind and security=domain to authenticate NT users on
> our UNIX box in samba (v2.2.3a).  Winbind is working correctly.  Wbinfo
> shows 
> users as domainname+username (we are using "+" as the
> separator),  however,  the NT usernames aren't automatically mapping
> to their corresponding UNIX usernames as expected.  Perhaps I don't
> understand how this is supposed to work?
>>From what I understand,  security=domain WITHOUT winbind requires a
> corresponding UNIX user (or dummy entry in the password file) for each
> NT user who you want to authenticate. This works for us,  my NT karen
> account gets matched to my Unix Karen account, new files I create from
> the PC side get assigned the correct Unix UID,  my login directory is
> shared via [HOMES] correctly, etc as long as I don't run winbindd.
> However, when I turn on winbindd,  the NT karen account now gets
> mapped to "domainname+karen" instead of "karen", so UID's don't match,
>  and my home login directory isn't being shared to my NT Karen
> account. Aren't the NT user names supposed to map to the UNIX user
> name if one exists? We want the features of winbind so we don't have
> to have a corresponding UNIX account for each NT user,  but we want
> matching usernames to map automatically for those users who DO have
> accounts on both sides.  It works when winbind is not running,  why
> doesn't this work when I run winbind?  Is there some other parameter I
> have to set to make this happen?

It is best to actually end up using one authentication db, IMHO. But you 
should be able to solve your problem by:

1)Upgrading samba-2.2.4
2)Setting "winbind use default domain = yes" in the global section of 

Now, winbind users for the domain specified in the "workgroup = " 
parameter will not get the winbind or winbind seperator prepended to 
their usernam.


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