[Samba] Trouble with 2.2.4 ?

Bob at inter-control.com bob at inter-control.com
Wed Jun 12 08:15:03 GMT 2002

To whom it may concern; 

    I have a Turbolinux 7.0 Server that came with samba 2.2.1
I removed the 2.2.1 completely and downloded the 2.2.4 version
available on your web site.
It has installed and seems to work fine. My intention is to use winbind.
The problem I have is that after booting my win-98 test workstation,
it errors on the share and any call to the shared files until I go to
Network Neighborhood and open the share via double-clicking.
After I open the share via this method, all works fine...until reboot
of the workstation, at which point I must do this again.
I have released and re-mounted...no effect.
The 2.2.1 had no such problem, workstation came up mounting it fine.

1st  )   Can I run WinBind with 2.2.1 ?

2nd )   Is there some configuration issue I may be having ?
            (If so, can you point me in the right direction ?)

Thanks in advance.
Bob Dettenwanger
bob at inter-control.com

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