[Samba] spoolss printing: downloading printing preferences in W2K

Tom Vandepoel tom.vandepoel at be.ubizen.com
Wed Jun 12 01:39:02 GMT 2002

I have heard something about a 'known bug in 2.2.4' so this might 
already be known. If so, I just want to get confirmation...

I have a new samba 2.2.4 running on a RH7.2 box, running solely as 
printserv. The spoolss printing functionality is working fine: uploading 
drivers works ok (aside from a few APW quirks if you change drivers). 
I'm using CUPS as unix printing backend.

The problem is the printing preferences: it does seem these get saved to 
the samba server after I change them via the APW (with SMB connect as 
printer admin user). It also seems NT4 clients see the changed 
preferences, but I they don't seem to be propagated to W2K clients if I 
connect with a *non* printer admin user.

I've seen a comment somewhere in the source code explaining the 
difference between the 'per-user' printer preferences and the global 
printing defaults (on W2K); I suspect that is one of the reasons why 
this is happening.

- When I connect as a printer admin user, the APW doesn't 'grey-out' the 
printing defaults, so I suspect it is able to read them and accordingly 
set the printing preferences for the user.

- When I connect as a non print admin user, the 'printing defaults' are 
greyed out and it seems the W2K client system can't read those, and thus 
doesn't set the 'printing preferences' correctly.

I guess this has to do with privileges assigned to certain RPC calls. 
I've tried to find a trace of this in the debug log, but I could not see 
anything usefull.

I did clear the print preferences in the local registry of the W2K 
client while testing, so it can't have been caching of previous settings.

So, is this 'known', or is it something else?



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